About Us

Welcome to Real Alaska Honey!

We have created this site to help spread the word about the value of bees and honey. Bees and honey are getting a lot of attention as of late, and for good reason. Beekeepers in many parts of the world are experiencing large die-offs of their hives, battling parasites and other diseases, and these issues have dramatic implications for the food supply, because many of our foods are dependent upon pollination provided by bees.

Here are some of the goals of this site:

  • Inform the public about the value and importance of locally-produced honey.
  • Encourage beekeeping for hobbyists
  • Encouraging treatment-free beekeeping.
  • Keeping the public informed on issues relating to adulterated, filtered honey in stores.
  • Inform the public about issues of interest that are related to bees, honey, locally-produced food, and other similar issues.

We hope to have people contribute to the site from many different perspectives. The primary contributors will be local beekeepers, but certainly the community is interested and welcome to become part of the discussion.

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