HB20 Sample Letter

HB20 would ban the use of neonic pesticides in Alaska. It is extremely important that we get as many people as possible to contact their legislators to push for their support of the bill. These letters can be sent to your legislator or senator, and to the members of the House Resource Committee. You can find information on how to reach these lawmakers by visiting this page.

One thing you can do is to send a letter of support. Many people are not sure what to say, so I thought I would provide some samples.

Here’s a sample letter that you can send to legislators:

I am writing to urge your support of House Bill 20. Bees and other pollinators are declining at alarming rates, and the science continues to link their losses to the use of nicotine-based insecticides called neonicotinoids. We need to take swift action by suspending the use of these chemicals in Alaska.

Many studies have added substantial weight to the growing body of evidence showing that widespread use of neonicotinoids is linked to Colony Collapse Disorder. When exposed to these nerve-agents, bees get lost — they are literally unable to find their way back home to their hive and drop dead from exhaustion.  One study found that colonies exposed to neonicotinoids produced 85 percent fewer queens, meaning the creation of 85 percent fewer hives.

While Alaska is a vast and wild place, most honeybees in Alaska live in more populated areas, or in areas where there are small farms. This means that Alaskan honeybees are more likely to encounter these chemicals in gardens, landscaping, and small farms. Also, even though many home gardeners do not use these pesticides, they are often used to treat seeds, soil, and greenhouse plants. These plants absorb the pesticides and their residue is found in pollen and nectar of treated plants.

I urge you to support this bill and pass it today.

Thank you.